Does the LifeBouy Alarm System arrive with full warranty?

Yes, of course. LifeBouy Alarm System arrives with 12 months of full warranty.

How can I avoid False Alarms?

The pool unit can withstand winds up to ~15MPH, stronger wind may cause false alarm.

The below can be done in order to reduce/avoid false alarms:

1. Attach pool unit with the provided string to pool side (far from pump outlet)

2. Reduce Pool Unit sensitivity from App.

3. Remove any floatings or toys from the pool.

Is the 9v battery replaceable?

Battery in the pool unit is expected to last up to 3 years and can be replaced afterwards with a compatible one that can be purchased on our website.

Battery can be replaced by opening 4 screws of the pool unit.


Is App required to operate the system?

The system can be used without the App.

However, if needed to change sensitivity, this can only be done from the App.

The communication between the units is tested when turning the system on. 

In case there is no communication the home unit will show green led for several seconds, then 


What is the recommended range between the home and pool units?

In order to get the best signal between home unit and pool unit, follow the below guidelines:
1. Hang the home unit high (5-7 feet above pool) on the wall/window, nearest to pool location.

2. Attach the pool unit to pool side (using the provided kit), so that the pool unit is in the line of sight of the wall where the home unit is.


What should I do when OUT OF RANGE message appears?

The message you see on the App (Out of range) is related to the App range, and doesn't affect system behavior.

The App will show out of range when smartphone is out of the Bluetooth range from the home unit. Typical range of the App is between 10'-30'.


What is the App range?

The app is Bluetooth based, and its range depends on the smart phone used and the home environment. Typical range is between 10'-30'.

App is designed to make configuration such as changing the sensitivity of the device easier.

It is required by several standards, that the alarm could only be silenced when pool is in the line of sight, in order to make sure no one is in danger at the pool area.