Bringing Intelligence to Pool Safety

Lifebuoy was conceived when two experienced engineers, who happened to be married to each other, received a pool as a gift. The parents of three young children were delighted but also concerned. They were aware of the dangers of water accidents and wanted to be sure that their children would be safe. They researched the existing solutions but, not finding one that met all their stringent criteria, they set to work. 

Set To Work

Within a month the first pool safety device prototype was ready and Lifebuoy was incorporated. The company’s first commercial product received numerous accolades from reviewers and consumers. Following four years of sales and interactions with consumers, Lifebuoy reengineered its pool safety platform.

Introducing BCone, The Latest Evolution in Pool Safety Systems

The BCone pool alarm integrates intelligence, versatility, and functionality into a topnotch pool safety solution. Based on advanced sensors and a complex algorithm, BCone provides maximum protection for children and pets with minimum user effort. Highly sophisticated yet simple to operate, the system can be installed and operated in a matter of minutes.