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Solo App Setup

This Video Shows how to set up the BCone Solo app and Pair the Solo Pool Alarm.


Yes, Solo arrives with 3 years full warranty.

How can i avoid false alarms?

The pool unit can withstand winds up to ~15MPH, stronger wind may cause false alarm.
The below can be done in order to reduce/avoid false alarms:

  • Pool unit location should be far from pump outlets and skimmers.
  • Attach pool unit with the provided attachment kit to pool side.
  • Shorten the string to reduce pool unit movement to < 5" (12.5cm).
  • Reduce Pool Unit sensitivity from App.
  • Remove any floatings or toys from the pool.
  • Use DND to avoid false alarms during the night.
  • Turn pump outlets downwards to reduce waves caused by the pump. If this cannot be done and pump outlet is causing signifcant waves, schedule pump to night time and use DND during the night.

The App is using bluetooth to communicate with the Solo.

App can be connected within upto 100' from the Solo.

The Solo arrives with batteries inside and lasts up to 18 months.

Batteries can be easily replaced with 2 standard AA Alklaine Batteries.
For best performance, we recommend using Lifebuoy AA Batteries.

Solo Pool Alarm will perform best in an up to 20’X40’ pool.
For larger pools, it is recommended to add an additional Solo unit. 

The Solo app can control multiple Solo units.

Automatic cleaners and water features may cause false alarms.
With small waterfalls, System can perform well if pool unit is installed far from the waterfall. System sensitivity might need to be reduced in this case.

No, Solo will not work properly with solar cover.

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