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Which Pool Alarm is right for me?

See bellow comparison between first generation Lifebuoy and our second generation BCone Pool Alarms.

BCone vs Lifebuoy Comparison


Yes, of course. LifeBuoy Alarm System arrives with 12 months of full warranty.

Home Unit battery:
lasts about 1 year and can be easily replaced with standard 9 volt battery.

Pool Unit battery:
lasts up to 3 years and replaced by removing 4 screws, use only compatible 1200mAH Lithium ER9V battery by Lifebuoy or PKCell.

The pool unit can withstand winds up to ~15MPH, stronger wind may cause false alarm.
The below can be done in order to reduce/avoid false alarms:        

  • Attach pool unit with the provided attachment kit to pool side (far from pump outlet).
  • Shorten the string to reduce pool unit movement. 
  • Reduce Pool Unit sensitivity from App.
  • Remove any floatings or toys from the pool.

The message you see on the App (Out of range) is related to the App range, and doesn't affect system behavior.
The App will show out of range when smartphone is out of the Bluetooth range from the home unit. Typical range of the App is between 10'-30'.

Please Note that this message will also Appear if system is off. Verify that the home unit green led is blinking to make sure system is on.

Lifebuoy Pool Alarm will perform best in an up to 20’X40’ pool.
For larger pools, it is recommended to use two lifebuoy pool alarm systems.

Automatic cleaners and water features may cause false alarms.
With small waterfalls, System can perform well if pool unit is installed far from the waterfall. System sensitivity might need to be reduced in this case.

Pool unit can typically be 50’ from the home unit.
Install the home unit on the nearest wall and avoid obstacles between both units to improve range. When using the app, smartphone should be within 10’ from the home unit to communicate properly.

No, Lifebuoy  will not work properly with solar cover.

No, Lifebuoy App is Bluetooth Based.

Yes, Lifebuoy is fully functional without the app.

App should be used if needed to change sensitivity or siren length. 

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