Lifebuoy System

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    • 💂 Lifebuoy alarms are equipped with motion detector sensors which trigger the alarm when a child or pet falls into the water. It can easily detect motion in the pool.
    • ✔️Lifebuoy Pool Alarm devices have an innovative state of the art technology to ensure your safety in all types of pools: a pool alarm for above ground pools, inground pools, spas, ornamental pools, constructed or temporary pools
    • 📱 Lifebuoy pool alarm system comes with a smart Bluetooth app which is used to setup and control the pool alarm. Use it to adjust the sensitivity of the system or increase / decrease the siren length. You can connect the Lifebuoy App to multiple Lifebuoy alarm Systems and can also have multiple users. Please note that the App will only work within Bluetooth range
    • ⚙️ Setting up is easy! All batteries are included - just attach the pool unit poolside using the provided attachment kit, and you are ready to go. Lifebuoy pool safety alarm works on replaceable non-rechargeable batteries. Batteries model is ER 9V 1200mAh Lithium. Batteries can last up to 3 years, depending on usage.
    • 🏊 Lifebuoy uses a smart feature named Swim Mode. When Swim Mode is activated, the alarm will not sound off – to allow swimming. Should no movement be detected for 10 minutes, the system will reactivate automatically, and in the event of a fall into the pool - a siren will go off
    • 🔵 Lifebuoy system is suitable to pools up to 20 ft X 40 ft. If your pool is larger, you can use several Lifebuoy systems in the same Pool.


    What is the recommended pool size?

    Lifebuoy Pool Alarm will perform best in an up to 20’X40’ pool.
    For larger pools, it is recommended to use two lifebuoy pool alarm systems.

    Automatic cleaners and water features may cause false alarms.
    With small waterfalls, System can perform well if pool unit is installed far from the waterfall. System sensitivity might need to be reduced in this case.

    Home Unit battery:
    lasts about 1 year and can be easily replaced with standard 9 volt battery.

    Pool Unit battery:
    lasts up to 3 years and replaced by removing 4 screws, use only compatible 1200mAH Lithium ER9V battery by Lifebuoy or PKCell.

    Pool unit can typically be 50’ from the home unit.
    Install the home unit on the nearest wall and avoid obstacles between both units to improve range. When using the app, smartphone should be within 10’ from the home unit to communicate properly.

    No, Lifebuoy  will not work properly with solar cover.

    No, Lifebuoy App is Bluetooth Based.

    Yes, Lifebuoy is fully functional without the app.

    App should be used if needed to change sensitivity or siren length.