BCone System


BCone System Contains a Home Unit a Pool Unit and a Wifi app.

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    Product Details 

    • Connectivity - Connects to Alexa. Smartphone App connectivity to fully control the system, no matter where you are.
    • Performance - Advanced algorithm prevents false alerts. Powerfully loud alarm on both the pool and home units. Quick and Easy Installation, all HW included.
    • Compatibility - Works in any type of pool, spas, and Garden Ponds. Up to 4 pool units can be connected to one home unit, for large pools or multiple Pools/Spas. Portable so you can take it with you for vacations. NSF Certified to ASTM-F2208.
    • Reliability - 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. Made of highly durable materials for maximum reliability. IP68 waterproof certified.
    • BCone offers a smart feature named Swim Mode. When Swim Mode is activated, the alarm will not sound off - to allow swimming. Should no movement be detected for Several minutes, the system will reactivate automatically, and in the event of a fall into the pool - a siren will go off.

    All In One Box

    The BCONE system consists of a pool unit, a home unit, and a smartphone app. The pool unit floats on the water’s surface and covers an area of 20’ X 40’. Suitable for any size, shape, or type of above/in ground swimming pool, garden pool, or hot tub. The unit can be easily detached so you can take it with you

    BCone remote app

    Download the optional BCone app to your smartphone to manage the pool unit remotely. The app’s user friendly interface enables quick installation and operation. The BCone pool safety system gives you the ultimate peace of mind for your children and pets.

    The BCone

    BCone pool alarm is the smartest and most versatile pool safety device in the market. Based on advanced sensors and Software Algorithms, BCone provides maximum protection of children and pets with minimum user effort. Highly sophisticated yet easy to operate, a simple interface gets the system installed and running within minutes.

    What You'll Get

    Use BCone Anytime, Anywhere


    Smartphone connectivity to fully control the system and get notifications, no matter where you are.

    Voice Control

    Connects to Alexa and Google Assistant, a fun and convenient way to control the system.


    Portable so you can take it with you on vacations.

    Further Benefits


    3 years manufacturer’s warranty.


    Powerfully loud alarm on both the pool and home units.


    Up to 4 pool units can be connected to one home unit.

    What are the main advantages of BCone over lifebuoy pool alarms?

    BCone enables double range between Pool Unit and Home Unit.
    BCone App can be used from anywere, for control and getting alerts.
    BCone arrives with 3 years warranty

    BCone Pool Alarm will perform best in an up to 20’X40’ pool.
    For larger pools, it is recommended to add an additional BCone Pool Unit.

    Automatic cleaners and water features may cause false alarms.
    With small waterfalls, System can perform well if pool unit is installed far from the waterfall. System sensitivity might need to be reduced in this case.

    Home Unit battery:
    Rechargable, no need to replace.
    Pool Unit battery:
    lasts up to 18 months and replaced easly with 2 standard AA Alklaine Batteries.
    For best performance, we recommend using Lifebuoy AA Batteries.

    Pool unit can typically be 100' from the home unit.
    Install the home unit on the nearest wall and avoid obstacles between both units to improve range.

    No, BCone will not work properly with solar cover.

    Yes, the system is fully functional without WiFi.
    Wifi is required in Order to use the App.
    When connecting the BCone Home Unit to Wifi, BCone App can be used from Anywere to control the system and get allerts.