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BCone App

This Video Shows how to set up the BCone app and Pair the BCone System.


Alexa BCone Skill 

This short demo shows how to install the Alexa Skill for the BCone Pool Alarm voice control. First install the BCone mobile App, Use the same email and password to sign in the alexa skill.


Google Assistant Action

This short demo shows how to set up the google assistant action for BCone Pool Alarm voice control. First install the BCone mobile App, Use the same email and password to sign in the google assistant action.

Which Pool Alarm is right for me?

See bellow comparison between first generation Lifebuoy and our second generation BCone Pool Alarms.

BCone vs Lifebuoy Comparison


The pool unit can withstand winds up to ~15MPH, stronger wind may cause false alarm.
The below can be done in order to reduce/avoid false alarms:

  • Pool unit location should be far from pump outlets and skimmers.
  • Attach pool unit with the provided attachment kit to pool side.
  • Shorten the string to reduce pool unit movement to < 5" (12.5cm).
  • Reduce Pool Unit sensitivity from App.
  • Remove any floatings or toys from the pool.
  • Use DND to avoid false alarms during the night.
  • Turn pump outlets downwards to reduce waves caused by the pump. If this cannot be done and pump outlet is causing signifcant waves, schedule pump to night time and use DND during the night.

How can I troubleshoot Wifi Connection? App cannot connect.

1. Follow app instruction for setting up the Wifi.

Make sure to allow the required app permissions and verify that wifi password is correct.

2. The Blue Wifi LED  needs to be on/blinking. This means that Wifi is enabled.

If the blue wifi LED is off, shortly press the Wifi Button to turn it on.

3. If Orange Wifi icon  is off, it means that system is connected and app can be used.

If Wifi blue LED is on/blinking and Wifi Orange Icon is Blinking for more than 3 minutes follow the bellow:

1. Make sure Home Unit is not too far from Router.

2. Turn off the home unit by pressing the PWR button  for 3 seconds (a loud beep will be heard)

3. Disconnect the router power cable, and the modem power cable.

4. Wait 30 seconds.

5. reconnect the modem power cable, and the router power cable.

6. Wait a few minutes until all router LEDs are stable and wifi internet is reachable.

7. Turn the home unit ON by shortly pressing the PWR button.

8. Check if blue wifi LED is On. If not, press the wifi button.

9. Wait for the Wifi Orange icon to stop blinking.

 Once Wifi blue led is on and Wifi orange icon is not blinking the system is connected, and the app is expected to work properly.


Yes, BCone arrives with 3 years full warranty.

Pool unit can typically be 100' from the home unit.
Install the home unit on the nearest wall and avoid obstacles between both units to improve range.

Home Unit battery:
Rechargable, no need to replace.
Pool Unit battery:
lasts up to 18 months and replaced easly with 2 standard AA Alklaine Batteries.
For best performance, we recommend using Lifebuoy AA Batteries.

BCone Pool Alarm will perform best in an up to 20’X40’ pool.
For larger pools, it is recommended to add an additional BCone Pool Unit.

Automatic cleaners and water features may cause false alarms.
With small waterfalls, System can perform well if pool unit is installed far from the waterfall. System sensitivity might need to be reduced in this case.

The BCone Pool Unit raises 4.5" (11.5cm) above water level when floating.
If the pool cover is high enough above water level it can work fine.

Solar cover which floats on the water is not supported.

Yes, the system is fully functional without WiFi.
Wifi is required in Order to use the App.
When connecting the BCone Home Unit to Wifi, BCone App can be used from Anywere to control the system and get allerts.

Note: After Reset to factory defaults, the device will forget the Wifi credentials and the Paired Pool Units.
See "How to pair a Pool Unit" to get your pool unit connected again after this reset.

Pressing the PWR button for 30 seconds in order to reset your device to factory settings.

 a single Home Unit can be paired to upto 4 Pool Units.
Check this quick guide for how to pair a pool unit.

When an automatic cleaner or a robot is working, the BCone needs to be turned off to avoid false alarms.

It can be turned off manualy, or scheduled with "Do not disturb" to the time of the cleaning.

Please note that the BCone line may get tangled around the cleaner wheel, shortening the BCone line can assist in avoiding that.

The cleaner may sometimes also flip over the BCone, if this occurs, it is recommended to put the BCone aside when the cleaner is working.

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